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Track Progress Against Your Budgeted Activities

Supervisors can track work completed from the job site easily with Assignar's Progress Tracking capability. 

From the Site Diary:

  1. Tap the Progress button
  2. Select the Activities for which you want to track progress
    1. Tip: Recommended Activities are those scheduled in your order
    2. Tip: You can also search for other Activities that aren't pre-scheduled
  3. Tap Next to enter the work completed
  4. Input the exact value in the provided Units or switch it to % for a general assessment
  5. Comments and pictures are a great way to add more details to your progress

Send Progress Back to the Office

When you're ready to share the latest site updates with your team:

  1. Tap Sign and Submit
    1. Tip: Before you submit, you can make changes to your captured progress. Tap the Activity you wish to edit and make your modifications. This can include comments, photos, and recorded progress.

To view a report of daily progress, labor hours, and to review completed site documents check out the Order Progress Overview.

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