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What network does the tracker use?

The trackers use a IoT (Internet of Things) network design - LTE Cat M1. If the tracker is unable to find this network it will fallback to 3G or 4G (99% population coverage in AU/US). 


What happens when there is no coverage?

When there is no coverage, the data will be stored on the device in offline mode. Once it is back online it will upload into the platform.


How long does it take for tracker data to be received

by platform?

It is received in near-real-time, with a few seconds delay between GPS coordinate capture and when it is received by the tracking platform. Your data is hosted, secured and encrypted in the cloud, just like your core Assignar platform



What type of tracking devices do you have?

We have a wide range of trackers, including:

  • OBD II Plug and Play

  • Hard wired devices

  • Battery-powered asset trackers

  • Any mobile device, iOS and Android

How are the trackers installed?

All devices are configured prior to shipment. OBD II Plug and Play, battery-powered asset trackers and mobile devices are ready to go once received. Hard wired devices need to be installed by an auto-electrician, this will come at an additional cost. Assignar has recommended auto-electricians for your service but you are welcome to use your own supplier. All hard wired devices come with an installation manual for your use.


What is the portable tracker's battery life?

At least 12 months when pinging once a day, this can be configured to any

interval e.g. 3 times a day to every hour. The device takes a USB-C charger for about

30 minutes to get it back to a full battery charge.


What are event rules?

Event rules are one of the main features of Assignar GPS tracking and allow you to create customised alerts that solve business problems. They are typically used to get notified when an important event happens. For example, a driver exceeds a speed limit, a driver enters or exits a geofence or if a vehicle is idling too long. These are just a few examples, there are many other custom rules that we can apply.


Can the platform provide alerts and notifications?

Yes, the trackers can record information such as the impact of harsh braking during the time of the incident. These alerts can be sent as triggers for any of the event rules you set. These notifications can be sent out via SMS or email notifications to individuals or groups.


Can fuel consumption be tracked?

Yes! If you have a fuel consumption form in the Assignar dashboard, it will update the fuel consumption of the asset in the tracking platform and update the odometer from this event rule. The platforms allows you to see fuel consumption trends such as excessive fuel consumption and preventing fuel theft. 


What specific hardware and items do you have around fatigue?

We can set up custom events to manage driver fatigue, for example, 5 hours of continuous movement requires a 30-minute break before driving again. 


Does the tracking platform have to report?

Yes, detailed reports are available in the tracking platform such as:

  • Vehicle reports - Trip and idle times

  • Time on site reports based on geofences or points of interests

  • Sites visited vs not visited reports

  • Fuel consumption reports

  • Driver behavior reports - speeding, harsh acceleration, server braking and quick starts

  • Eco report - ranking score based on driving. Drivers are sent a weekly report with vehicle information for the week. No worker names are released via this report.

  • IFTA report based on North American industry best practice. 

Just like Assignar’s insights platform, you can schedule reports to your key stakeholders at a time and date that works for you and your team. Export formats are .csv & PDF.


Can this data be pushed into my Assignar dashboard?

Currently, the tracking platform and Assignar dashboard are separate. We are currently working on a full-fledged integration to exchange data across the two platforms. Whilst this is underway, users can create rules for specific use cases which are then linked to Assignar’s Zapier App and pushed into the Assignar dashboard. 


Do you have swipe cards for machines?

This function is supported by our platform and will be released soon.


Can you link fuel cards?

If the fuel card has a .csv export, you can import that file into Assignar tracking.


Does it link to local Traffic speed zones?

Yes, it links to local speed zones as per Open Street Maps (OSM) and you can set up tolerance alerts and notifications for groups or users.


What languages are supported?

Over 20, including Spanish and French which is also currently supported in the fieldworker app. The platform also supports imperial and metric systems of measurement.

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