GPS February 2021 Releases GPS February 2021 Releases

GPS February 2021 Releases

Marko Tomic Marko Tomic
February's release is live and we've got more details below.

Portuguese & enabling/disabling Fleet maps

A new official Portuguese translation is available, one of 20+ languages supported in Assignar IoT. We've also added the ability to enable/disable map providers for the Fleet app to give our tracking partners precision control of the user experience. Fleet supports Google Maps and ArcGIS maps (including custom ArcGIS maps). Finally, we included lots of tweaks to continue to improve the UI and UX.

We've got a new official Portuguese translation! There are also a lot of improvements (or melhorias for those of you who will enable Portuguese) that continue to refine the user experience.


February's release includes lots of small fixes and improvements to the user experience plus a new official Portuguese translation and a Fleet app update.



The new Portuguese language option is based on Brazilian Portuguese. This official translation replaces older versions of user-submitted Portuguese. It's just one of over 20 language options in Assignar IoT.


User experience

We've also made lots of improvements across the user interface to continue to refine the user experience. Each change is designed to improve workflows and efficiency. We're also giving you, our customers, and site admins more control (as with the map selection in the app).


We've got lots in the works for the coming months. Some of our core features are being reworked and redesigned for the optimal customer experience. One example is, Tracks 2.0 (Beta), which allows you to view tracks on a timeline with visual indicators about the status of your vehicle:

Save time by cloning event rules

Did you know that you can clone your event rules?


Complex event rules take time to create. If you are creating another similar event rule, you can save time be reusing part of your existing rule.


Simply right-click on the event rule and select 'Clone.' Now you can use what you need and edit the rest to fit your new scenario.


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