Check In / Out Reporting

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Assignar’s Check In / Check Out feature captures workers geolocation and the exact time they started and finished their shift.


In Insights, we have a Check In / Check Out Exception report that is ready for you to use, which highlights workers who have breached the acceptable parameter of check-in/out.


Within this report, you can:

  • View maps with acceptable submissions in green and violations in red

  • See the distance of the project from the Check In/Out location

  • Define the acceptable distance from a project

  • View the number of violations: check-in/out outside acceptable distance

  • See how many times a worker has defaulted

  • Create alerts when workers have defaulted the acceptable parameter for example

  • more than 3 times

  • Receive daily reports on all check-outs that were completed outside the acceptable

  • distance from the project site


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