GPS: June 2021 Releases GPS: June 2021 Releases

GPS: June 2021 Releases

Aaron Ross Aaron Ross

The new native map is now live! After being available for many months alongside the legacy native map, it's now the official Assignar GPS Tracking map experience with this release. It also allows you to use ArcGIS map layers - if you're an ArcGIS map user, this allows you to view all of the data you need on the map at once and toggle layers on/off.

We also made a ton of additions to the new Tracks 2.0 available in beta.



  • New Native Map officially replaces the legacy native map.


  • Added DeleteUser resource /applications/{applicationid:int}/users/{userid:long}

  • Add endpoint for batch deleting geofences to the API.

  • REST now supports numerical usernames longer than 12 characters.

  • Add ownerId to GateMessageSlim.

  • Expose APP_ID as template variable to event expressions.

  • Add [OperatorUsername] variable for sending commands to device.

Tracks 2.0 (beta)

Lots of feature additions! See what's new for this month:

  • Historical vehicle markers on the map: you can move historical vehicle markers by clicking and then dragging the playhead in the timeline. You can also click on a track point in the track points list.

  • Export tracks from the panel.

  • Check the brush chart (scroll bar) in the footer of the timeline to see if you've zoomed in on the timeline. You can also use it to drag and rescale the timeline.

  • Select which tracks are visible on the map.

  • Selected event rules are saved to the workspace, so you can pick back up where you left off the next time you log in.

  • Some improvements and fixes for standstill icons and tracks.

Language Plugins

The following language plugins have been updated over the past month: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.


If you have experienced a very slow workspace load, please re-save it after this update. We've been working hard this month to improve your experience and the load times.

We've also updated many report layouts and included some other tweaks.


Updated report layouts for:

  • BC1000 BreadCrumb

  • DI1000 Completed Jobs

  • FC1002 Fuel Consumption

  • FC1003 Fuel Consumption Exceptions

  • FU1004 Fuel Report (Daily)

  • FU1005 Fuel Refill Report (Detailed)

  • FU1006 Fuel Refill Report (Daily)

  • MT1000 Maintenance Service History

  • MT1001 Maintenance Service History (per tag)

  • SG1000 Signal Report

  • SG1001 Signal Report

  • SY1000 System Report (Device Connection)

  • SY1001 System Report (Device Valid Position)

User Experience

  • Faster application loading.

  • Faster display of vehicles in dynamic views based on event rules.


  • Improved filtering of incoming messages to reduce unnecessary and redundant data.

  • Improved logging for database-related errors.


User Experience

  • Fix: the Custom Icon Select form now indicates which icon is currently selected.

  • Fix an issue with using the MultiMonitor popout with Google Maps. Sometimes the vehicle marker text label could become misplaced and lose its background color - but not anymore.

  • POIs


  • Allow exporting POIs from all applications - not only the original application.

  • Fix import of POI descriptions, fix returning of closest POI in reverse geocoding.

  • Fix dragging POI on the map when edited.


  • Fixed Passenger Manager compatibility.


  • Fix a case when workspace would not load.

  • Fix assembly redirects in AD and Saml logins.

  • Fix issue with [OperatorUsername] variable.

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