The New Assignar Dashboard

Joshua McKinnon
Joshua McKinnon
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We've given the Assignar Dashboard a fresh new look, and we show you more-relevant information right when you open the app.

The Today Panel


On the Today Panel, you see the weather, which is based on your computer's approximate location. You can customise the weather's location by clicking the "Change" button - note that this will accept a postal code in your own country's format - you can not set a US zip code if you are located in Canada, for example.

Workers Allocated shows the total number of active fieldworkers who have one or more shifts today.

Assets Allocated shows the number of assets that you've allocated today.

Timesheets Submitted shows the number of timesheets that have been submitted for work done today.

The Projects Panel

The Projects Panel shows you all of the projects that have an Order that has started, or will start in the next week.

If your projects have dates, then we'll use those dates to work out if a project is active too.

The Orders Panel

The orders panel will show you all of your orders that have any shifts today. We also show any overnight shifts - orders with shifts that start before 6am tomorrow.

The Activity Feed

On the right, you'll see our Activity Feed. You can read more about what activities show here in our full Activity Feed documentation.

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