GPS: Batch import devices/users from a CSV file

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Importing users in batches will usually require these generic steps:


1. Define a CSV file for each user group (e.g.: one CSV file for importing Operators, another CSV file for each device brand/model of device you want to import).


2. Define the User Type Devices


3. Import the CSV file using Batch Import.


Note: You need to ensure that _BatchUserImport privilege has been enabled for your user by your administrator.

User Type

The batch user import is based on User Types; therefore, before importing users, is required to define the user type with the User Type Editor.

1. Open the User Type Editor.

2. Select the user type Device and click on Edit icon

3. Go to Devices and select the default device for Device 1

4. Save the user type.


Importing users

Prepare the CSV file

The CSV file for the type Device, needs to have a minimum of 3 fields: username, name and IMEI.


999111999111,OLE 571,999111999111
999111999112,OOZ 334,999111999112
999111999113,OOB 441,999111999113


NOTE: It's good practice to keep Usernames and IMEI numbers the same. IMEI numbers are unique, which ensures that username for each device is also unique.


Batch import

1. Access Batch Import Users from the Vehicles panel options.

2. Select which User Type you want to import. In this example, we'll use Device.

3. When the import is completed, you'll see the results on the screen:

Additional notes

  • These steps have to be repeated for each group of devices of different brands/models. Keep in mind that you'll have to have separate CSV files for each group.

  • Accumulator and Custom Field names are case sensitive.

  • A user can only be imported once, therefore, if the same file is imported twice, no extra users will be created. There is no undo for this function.

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