GPS: How to assign specific views to different roles of users

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Creating the tags and views

The very first step is to have tags and views created in your system for later assignment to your different roles.


Read these guides on how to create tags and views.


Assigning your views to different roles

Now that your tags and views are created, you need to assign them to your user's roles.

You have to options:

  • a. Assign them to existing roles. The modification will apply to all users under the same role.

  • b. Assign them to copies of an existing role. This case is useful if you want to have, for example, two operator users with similar privileges, but using different views.

Case (a)

1. Select Admin Roles from the menu.

2. Select a roll, e.g. _Operators.

3. Check all users you want to be included in this role.

4. Under Views _ReadViews select the views you want this role have access to.

5. Click Save.


Case (b)

1. Make a copy of your user role.

2. Repeat the steps in case (a).

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