Basics: Form Portal

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This feature is currently in preview. If you'd like it turned on, please speak to your CSM. If you'd like to provide us with feedback, click here.

Links to the Form Portal are public links.This means that any recipient of the link will be able to access the related Form Results without having to log in to Assignar. Please ensure that you are careful when sharing the links to any non-Assignar users.


When Forms contains lots of files within them, they can exceed the maximum size that your mail server allows. As a result, the Form Result emails may not include any attachments.


Our new Form Portal resolves this by making all files attached to a Form Result available on a web page.

When you email form results from the Assignar Mobile App, you will notice a new button in Form Result emails:


Clicking on this button will take you to a page on which you will see the Form Result as well as any files added to the Form Result. From here you can download any of the attachments as needed.


The Form Portal option will always be available, irrespective of the size of files in the Form Result.


If the Form Result has more than 10mb worth of files associated to it, the files will not be attached directly to the email and you will have to use our Form Portal to access the files.


You do not need to sign into Assignar to access this page, meaning you can share the Form Result email with your clients as needed.

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