Role-based Compliance and Role-based Scheduling in Assignar

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You can now directly link a worker to the role they were hired for. By linking workers to roles (or Tasks) in Assignar, you can:

  • Get started allocating workers very quickly, before you've even set up all your workers' skills and competencies.

  • Allocate more flexibly - workers linked to a role will still be Recommended in the Scheduler Timeline. You can see what, if any, competencies a worker might be missing and make the best allocation decisions based on that information.

  • Report on compliance exceptions - see which workers need additional training to bring them up to full compliance for the job.


Link Workers to Roles

Navigate to our freshly-updated Roles (or Tasks) page and select one of your roles. Then simply add workers who were hired for that role, on the right.

Allocate Role Workers

Now that you have linked workers to roles, you can get right into the Scheduler to allocate the right people to the job.

Available Role workers will always appear at the top of the Recommended list, and will show a blue Info icon. You can drill down to their detail page to confirm that compliance requirements are met.



Add Skills and Competencies for Extra Compliance

Role-based workers don't replace skills and competencies. Now that you're allocating workers based on their Role, you can allocate with even more confidence by adding required or desired Skills to that role, then having your workers upload their relevant Competencies.

Now you'll be able to allocate workers who were hired for the role, and whose competencies are up to date.


Report on Worker Compliance

With workers linked to roles, and their competencies recorded in Assignar, you can go into Insights and generate a report that will compare the competencies shown on the workers' profiles, against the required competencies for their Role or Roles.

This way you can ensure that you workers are compliant for specific roles, and quickly surface any training that you need to perform.

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