GPS Send Fuel Receipts from Assignar Forms into Assignar GPS Tracking

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Assignar Forms are one of the most popular tools for capturing any information in a digital format from the field. With Assignar Webhooks module, you can push data captured by Assignar Forms into Assignar GPS Tracking via Zapier webhooks.


In this example, we'll show you how you can capture your vehicle fuel receipts, and push it into Assignar GPS Tracking for analysis.


Step 1.

Create a form in Assignar that has the following fields:

  1. Vehicle name (required)

  2. Date and Time of the refuel event (required)

  3. Number of litres/gallons of fuel that was put in (required)

  4. Optionally, any other field that you want to capture. For example, a photo of the fuel receipt?

Those 3 fields are mandatory to create a Refuel event in Assignar GPS Tracking:

Since Assignar GPS Tracking knows the current odometer reading of the vehicle, it can calculate the fuel consumption for that vehicle by looking at the distance travelled and fuel consumed since the last refuel event.


Once you have created your form in Assignar, you need to create a Webhook notification when that form is submitted.


Step 2

Use Assignar GPS Tracking Zapier app, to capture Assignar Refuel webhook notifications and push them into Assignar GPS Tracking platform. Your Zapier steps should look like this:

Of course, you can also customize this workflow to suit your business processes.


Step 3

After you have added a Webhook Step in Zapier, you will be given a Webhook URL, to which you will need to post your Assignar fuel data to. You can do this by adding a new Webhook in Assignar. Go to the Main Menu => Settings => Webhooks. Then select "Forms" in the tab and create a new Webhook:

Step 4

Test your workflow by submitting the form and capturing the webhook event in Zapier. Map the fields with Assignar GPS Tracking platform and activate the Zap.

This example assumes that you have mapped your vehicle IDs from Assignar GPS Tracking to Assignar Asset external IDs.


Now your workflow is live and you can manage your vehicle's Fuel consumption in Assignar Tracking:


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