GPS Push Geofence notifications into Assignar Core Platform

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Read about Event Rules introduction here.

Read how to use event rules step by step here.

HTTP notification setup

  1. Login with the proper user into your Application and select Admin > Event Rules

  2. Click on Add new Event Rule

  3. Select Geofence Expression.

Note that you will see in your list, geofence Groups, not individual geofences.

On 5.Notifications we will select Command as a notification type.

Then select Custom Server command, _ExternalNotification and HTTP method. See image below:

In the URL field specify your Zapier Webhook URL. Read more about Zapier Webhooks here.

Once you are familiar with Zapier webhooks, you can implement the following steps in Zapier to send Geofence notifications into your Asset Journals. See Zapier steps below:

With the flexibility of our Assignar Zapier app and the power of Assignar GPS Tracking Event Rules, you can create many automated workflows that suit your business processes, without writing a single line of code!

Once you have set up your Zapier Webhook to listen for Assignar GPS Tracking HTTP events Click Next until you reach the end and you are done.

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