GPS Event Rules Introduction

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Read how to use event rules step by step here.

Just a few examples of what you can do with Event Rules:

  • Send events notifications to another external system using HTTP messages. This is a great example where you can leverage Assignar Zapier app to integrate Assignar GPS Tracking with the Assignar core platform, and 1000s of other apps, in a number of creative ways to suit your business processes.

  • To display an SOS alert on the map and send an SMS to an individual person or group of people to locate a vehicle in an emergency situation.

  • Display an icon and text in the vehicle panel when an event happens.

  • To send an e-mail when a vehicle has entered or left a geofence or approximates a Point of Interest.

  • Generate alerts for over-speeding.

  • To know which driver logged into the vehicle and display the driver information on screen.

  • To reproduce a sound alarm.

  • To send a command to a device via SMS, TCP or UDP, when an event occurs.

Other features related to Event Rules

Event Panel

With the new Events Panel, the events are displayed conveniently for an administrator or an operator user to review them.


You can use Event Rules with Dashboards, for example, to have a live visual dashboard item with your online-offline devices.


With your generated Events, you can use the Event Report to list all historical events. You can even send this report using an automated scheduled email to the relevant user(s).

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