GPS How to customize the status panel

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The status panel gives you an overview of what's happening with each vehicle through the latest inputs sent by your device(s). The panel can be customized to adapt it to your needs.

Cards mode vs. list mode

It is possible to view your device inputs using Card mode or List mode.

Choosing variables

In this panel, you can also select which variables display based on your own business needs:

1. Click on the

icon on the right-hand side of the panel to edit.

2. Select the variables from the list:

  • Variables in bold are variables that are currently being used.

  • Greyed out variables are selectable, but they won't be displayed until data is received from them.

  • Unselected variables won't be displayed in the status panel.

You can arrange the order of the variable display by dragging them up/down (click and hold the cursor on the "drag" icon).

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