GPS: Default Workspace

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Important note on legacy features

  • While Assignar will continue to support users of legacy features, these features (including the accompanying help articles) will no longer be offered or updated.


The default workspace design shows only the essential information for general fleet tracking.

We pared down what shows in the default workspace. This prevents 'information overload' for new users. At first glance, you see a fleet overview.


The map shows on the right side, and the Vehicles panel shows on the left. The Tracks and Track points panels are minimized on the bottom left. The Status and Vehicle info panels are minimized below the map.


The Events, Geofence, and Command panels are available from the Window menu.


The Tracks panel is smarter with an auto-opening feature.

If you click the 'Track' box in the Vehicles panel, the Tracks panel will automatically open.



How can I customize the default workspace?

You can always customize and save a new workspace. You can also set one of your custom workspaces as the default (to show when an application is opened).



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