GPS: Configure Devices to Report to Assignar Tracking

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Configure your device

The task of configuring your device to report to Assignar GPS Tracking is typically done with a configuration tool provided by your device manufacturer. Assignar team will typically configure this step for you before the devices are shipped out to you. If you want to bring in your existing devices to Assignar platform, these steps could help you achieve that.


Device configuration tool

Most major device manufacturers offer a configuration tool to facilitate the users the task of setting up a device for the first time. For example, Teltonika offer these tools in their site:

Using SMS commands

If your device manufacturer cannot provide you with a device configuration tool, it is very likely your device is configurable via SMS commands.


You can send commands to your devices using your mobile phone.


Which IP and port should I configure my devices to report to?

  • Your devices should point to

  • And to the port set in the device configuration


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