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Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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November 2020

Default Additional Filters

We’ve had a lot of customer feedback around report filters, so we’ve listened and have added 4 default filters in the following areas:

1. Fieldworkers Active Flag = "Yes" introduced in Competencies, Inductions, Allocations, Timesheets Subject Areas

2. Chargeable Item Delete Flag: "No" introduced in Costs Subject Areas

3. Orders active_flag: "Yes" introduced in Orders, Allocations, Timesheets Subject Areas

4. Allocations.Order Resource Status: "-NULL" introduced in Allocations Subject Areas

These have been introduced so that you do not have to keep adding these filters every time you create a new Report/Dashboard.

What does that mean for you?

This means that all the reports or dashboards that you have created in the past will automatically have these filters. In the future, if you create new reports from Explore these filters will be already available in the filters section.

But what if you don’t need those filters?

If you don’t want these filters applied to your reports you can change them as shown below, but you won’t be able to remove them.

Allocations order_resource_status can be changed to matches(advanced) and remove -NULL value from the text field.

Any other required filter can be changed to “is any value”. These two steps will negate the filter so it will not change your report.

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