Editing a Chargeable Item

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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There are two ways to edit a Chargeable Item at Assignar:

  • From Daily Log
  • From the Orders page on web


How to edit from Daily Log

If a worker has added a Chargeable Item from Daily Log, they can also edit it afterwards. Note that they will not be able to edit a Chargeable Item that has been added by another worker.

  1. From the Daily Log homepage, open an Assignment card.
  2. From the Add Timesheet page, tap on the Chargeable Item to be edited.
  3. Edit as required.
  4. Save



How to edit a Chargeable Item in web

If a worker has added a Chargeable Item in Daily Log, a Dashboard User is also able to edit that item in the web:

  1. Under Work Planning, navigate to the Orders page.
  2. Select the Order
  3. From the Order Details page, go to the Chargeable Items tab
  4. Tap the Chargeable Item that needs to be edited
  5. Tap the more_vert.png icon
  6. Tap Edit 
  7. Edit as required

  8. Save


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