In Progress Form Results

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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What is an In Progress Form Result?

A set of form results that has been started and saved, but not submitted.

Why are In Progress Form Results important?

They enable various functions:

  1. Real time reporting - as soon as someone in your business starts filling in a form, you can see the information they are logging. You no longer have to wait for them to submit the form.

  2. Track incomplete forms - you can now easily see forms that are started but not submitted. This allows you to track late forms, or forms that are forgotten and never submitted.

  3. Collaborative forms - work with different team members on the same set of form results, whether they are in the office or in the field. You can start a form and have someone else complete it, or vice versa. (Coming soon)

How to access In Progress Form Results?

Go to the Form Results page

Using the "Submitted & In Progress" filter, select the "Submitted only" option

Click the "Search" button

Filtering Submitted & In Progress Form Results

Submitted & In Progress - this will show all forms, regardless of whether or not they are in progress or submitted.

In Progress only - this will only form results that are 'in progress'. An 'in progress' form result is one that has been saved but has not been submitted. This will exclude any submitted form results.

Submitted only - this will only form results that are 'submitted'. A 'submitted' form result is one that has been submitted by the user. This will exclude any 'in progress' form results.

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