Insights Chapter 11 : Analysing Form Results Data - Part 1

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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Before we even move ahead 1 thing to remember is that form results data is not real time. This data gets refreshed once a day. But we are in the process of making this data available to you near real time.

Form Associations

When we start to create a form, the basic information that we can associate this form with is

You can very easily slice this form and its form result submissions by the above shown entities like Clients, Projects, Suppliers, Assets(equipments) or Fieldworkers.

Form Assignments

The form can be assigned to an office employee by using Assign on submit. You can go to a form result and set the status and the assignee.

So, if you want to analyse your forms or form results you can do so now by slicing on “Assign to Dashboard Users” in Explore.

Form Submissions

Now if you want to see how many forms were submitted by your Fieldworkers versus how many were submitted by your office employees, then you can simply do so by using the following entities

  1. Created By Dashboard users

  2. Created By Fieldworker


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