General Updates — November 2019

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We're introducing two new features, as well as some bug fixes and small improvements.

New: SMS from Everywhere

As announced at our SHIFT User Conference last week, we've brought our SMS communication interfaces together into a single view that's available from any screen in the Assignar Web App. You can:

  • Send SMS from any screen in Assignar, without losing track of what you were doing.

  • See instantly when incoming messages are received with a persistent notification badge.

Read more in our full documentation on this new SMS view.

New: Project Site Map

Also announced at SHIFT, you can now add a map and points of interest to your project, to make it easier than ever for your fieldworkers to get straight to work on a new site.
Read about this in our Site Map Documentation.

Bug Fixes and Small Improvements Recently shipped

We ship bug fixes and small improvements to Assignar several times a week. Here are some of the notable improvements we've shipped recently:

  • You can now have comments on timesheets across multiple lines.

  •  You no longer need to include a client or project when using filters in our Project Planner.

  • We removed the limit on bulk-sending SMS messages. You can now successfully send messages to all your workers.

  •  We fixed an issue where answering a file upload question on an iPad would show the camera, rather than the files chooser.

  • We now copy task descriptions when you copy an Order.

  • We now show a contact's phone number in the New Order view (in Scheduler)

  • Several small improvements to the recently-released Activity Feed.

  • Improved accuracy of geo-location when checking in and out on the Fieldworker app, for Android users.

  • Fixed an issue where SMS notification emails were missing the context of the message thread.

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