What is it?

Assignar's Site Diary allows you to capture all your worksite's timesheets, activities and approvals in one easy form that’s transmitted back to the office in real time.


Exactly What Information Does it Capture?

A Site supervisor completing a Site Diary, will capture:


  • Site weather

  • Timesheets for their whole crew

  • Any Allowances that should be applied to individual workers (or the whole crew)

  • Activities on site can be tracked against cost codes

  • Add notes and photos

  • Capture any chargeable items

  • Client approval with electronic signature

  • Instantly share your Site Diary with the on-site client contact

  • Capture any other important details, via our extensible forms

  • Understand progress against plan by reporting total time spent on specific work items (or cost codes)

How Do I Use It?

Project Supervisors Can Complete a Site Diary

Fieldworkers who need to complete a Site Diary for their crew need to be setup as a Project Supervisor. Go to the Project's Detail page, and add any site supervisors.


Add Supervisors to the Project so they can complete a Site Diary

Note: In order to add supervisors to the project, you'll need to make sure that the Setting to "Allow supervisors to create site diary" is set to Yes: `


Add Work Item Codes to a project to track site activities

Add Work Item Codes to a project to make them available for selection. Remove Work Item Codes when they are no longer valid for selection on the project.


Add Work Item Codes to the Project so they can can be associated with project work


You can also set task-specific codes so that, when allocating time for that Task, the supervisor will only see the task-appropriate codes.


Completing a Site Diary

Project Supervisors will see a "Site Diary" option in the Fieldworker app. Choose the day you wish to complete a Site Diary for, then select the Order (you can edit, but not submit, a Site Diary for a future date). As a Project Supervisor, you can complete a Site Diary even if you are not allocated to the Work Order.
For each Role (task) and Worker, you will:

  • Verify that the time worked compared to the allocated time

  • Apply a break time

  • Add an asset

    • Note that assets will be automatically added to operators (i.e. Fieldworkers who have an asset directly allocated to them)

  • Add and Work Item Codes and the associated time

  • Add any allowances

Then you can:

  • Add any chargeable items

  • Add a note with an optional photo

  • Respond to any additional questions (if they have been setup)

  • Review the weather

Now all that's left to do is to get some approval signatures:

  • You must name and sign as a supervisor

  • You can optionally get a client sign-off

You are also able to email the site diary to a client contact, so they have a copy of what they have signed. Below the signature boxes, there is an option to select a person to email a copy of the Site Diary. This person must be a Client Contact on the Project or Order, and they must have an email address listed.


And Submit!


What Happens When A Site Diary is Submitted?

Every submitted Site Diary appears in the Web App's Activity Feed, for instant visibility in the office:


Your crew's timesheets are submitted, and available in the same way as regular timesheets. You approve these timesheets in the same way you normally would.
You can view a summary form of Site Diary in the Order page


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