Activity Feed — (Month & Year) Activity Feed — (Month & Year)

Activity Feed — (Month & Year)

Joshua McKinnon Joshua McKinnon

What is the Activity Feed?

The Activity Feed is a single place that's available from any page in Assignar, where you can keep up to date with certain activities live from the job site.

Activity Feed currently shows:

  • Forms submitted

  • Digital Dockets (tickets) Submitted

  • Site Diaries submitted

If you have any ideas on what you'd like to see added please let us know via our Ideas Portal - click here.


How do I Find the Activity Feed?

The activity feed is available on every page in the Assignar dashboard.
The moment a fieldworker submits a form, a digital docket (ticket), or a Site Diary, you’ll see a red badge (notification dot) right here at the top of the window.
Click the badge to open the Activity Feed, where you’ll see all the recent activity. 

The feed is live; any new activity will appear at the top of the feed, the moment it happens.


Simple Navigation Into Items That Need Action

  • A single click on any item in the feed will open a preview window for that item.

  • You can also click into each item to open it in a new window for any action that needs to be taken.

  • Open the form, check the details, then get back to whatever you were doing! No disruptions or clicking away from your current position.

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