General Updates — July 2019

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Fieldworker & Dashboard

File Size Enhancements!

  • We have removed the file size limit when submitting forms and digital dockets from the Fieldworker app.

  • In dashboard you can now upload attachments up to 50 MB in Invoices, Supplier Documents, and Document Attachments.

Scheduler Enhancements

  • Scheduler now always shows what part of the day an allocation applies to.

  • Multiple allocations in one day now appear on one line.

  • We have added some more information to the hover cards on the Scheduler – locations, descriptions, Purchase Order numbers.

  • We added a refresh button to the Scheduler so you can see any changes without reloading your browser.

Fieldworker Availability Enhancement

  • You now have the option to make Availability read-only on the Fieldworker app, so your staff need to have a leave application approved before their availability is blocked. For help setting up this flow in Assignar view these 2 articles:
    Availability Part 1 - set up
    Availability Part 2 - implementation

We also cleaned up some bugs

  • We fixed a bug where some incomplete orders were not showing in the Scheduler view for incomplete orders.

  • We fixed a bug where a small number of users would experience performance issues on the Fieldworker app.

If you have any questions or would like training on any of the above please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or contact us on Support Chat.

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