Legacy: Saving multiple form versions in FieldWorker

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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To be able to save a form is old news, but now you can work on multiple versions of one form in the app and save them accordingly.
This allows you to work on multiple Vehicle Checklists at the same time.

You will notice that Forms on the app will now have an extra tab called Saved where all saved versions of the started forms will live, this will replace the In Progress tag previously associated with a saved form.
Clicking on a form in the forms list will now always start a fresh form.

The saved form card will include details such as date created, client, asset, fieldworker etc, and each card will also include a Delete button to remove the saved form.

In the Job Card you will now have three Form tabs; Forms, Saved Forms and Submitted Forms.

  1. Forms - this will always open a fresh form (note that the 'In progress' tab will no longer exist here)

  2. Saved Forms - List of saved forms against the allocation

  3. Submitted forms - Form results for the user and the team 

Happy form saving! 😃

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