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Having a casual workforce means you are constantly juggling their availability. The fieldworker availability allows your causal employees to put in which days they are available to work and also block out time that they are not available. 

Fieldworker App 

In the app, the workers can select their days of availability and leave dates. Note there is no approval process for these and should not be used as an annual leave tracking process. You can read our best practice for that here

1. Go to My Profile in the Fieldworker App 

2. Go to Availability 

3. In the availability section, you can select the days of the week you are available. Tick which days you are available to work, click save. 

4. To add in periods of time you are available, click on Leave Dates and click + Add Leave Dates.
5. Put in the dates you are not available and select a leave type.
6. Click Save 



In the Dashboard, you are able to add and remove worker availability. Here is how: 

1. Go to Users > Fieldworkers > Edit User
2. Go to the Availability Tab 

3. You can select the days of the week the worker is available. Click on the day of the week and then click save. 

Add Leave Dates 

4. For Leave Dates, you can add leave dates > click + Add leave dates
5. A pop up will appear, put in the From and To dates of leave and the leave type and click Add 

Remove Leave Dates 

  1. Go to Availability and click the trash can on the leave you wish to remove and it will remove the leave. 

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