Implementing Digital Dockets - Assignar Mobile App

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This article outlines how a docket template can be used within the Assignar Mobile App


  1. Workers will log in to the app and select Allocations from the main menu

Click on the specific job card that the docket will be for

Inside the job card, will be an option for dockets.

Click on the docket option to view the docket template(s) that have been added on a client level.

To fill out the docket, the worker simply needs to click on the docket and fill out the details.  

Things to note:

  • If a worker is allocated to a "supervisor" task (supervisor box has been ticked within that task), upon clicking on the docket, it will show other workers listed on the order.

    To select all workers, click "All" found in the top right hand corner.
    To be more selective, click on each check box next to the workers on the far right.

    It will also pre populate worker times based on allocation times in the docket on the next screen.  

    Once all applicable workers are selected, click Next found at the bottom of the screen. The next screen will then show the pre-populated details based off the order and workers can continue filling out the docket. 


  • If a worker is not allocated to a "supervisor" task, details will manually be entered in for other workers on the same order by clicking on the Add  button beneath the worker group of questions.

Once the docket has been completed, hit Get it Signed

By clicking on this, all question fields will be locked/greyed out and a signature name and pad will appear for the client to fill out and sign. 


If amendments need to be made, click cancel signing and the question fields will unlock and can be amended from there. 

2. To submit:

Click on send & submit to submit the completed docket.
A confirmation message will appear; by clicking on submit  this will:

  • Send the digital docket directly to the dashboard 

  • If a docket contact has been added, a copy will also be sent directly to that email address. 

The app will then take you back to the the job card the docket was for. 

3. Creating time sheets from a docket. 

Once a docket has been submitted, workers can link this to a time sheet.
Workers can input the docket details to match or use the data pre-populated from the job card.

All completed and submitted dockets can be found in the job card, under completed dockets

Workers can 

  • View docket details (all fields are locked and cannot be edited from the app once signed)

  • Submit a time sheet based on details from this docket or keep data from job card.

Depending on your workers method of submitting time sheets, the button will either say check out  or create time sheet

No matter the method, the button will always appear in the bottom right corner of the docket. 

Once selected, the normal time sheet screen will appear. Details will populate per the job card as usually however the digital docket will automatically attach to the time sheet. 

Workers are still able to take photos of any other dockets and upload as well by clicking on the Upload docket below the attached docket. 

Once happy with the time sheet, workers can then hit add to submit into the dashboard.

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