Add a Digital Docket (Ticket) to a Client

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After creating and publishing your docket (ticket) template, you can add it to a client so it's available in a worker's allocation.


Add Docket (Ticket) Template to a Client

  1. Go to Project DataClients
  2. Click on the client's name to open the Client details page
  3. Click on Docket (Ticket) Templates and select the appropriate template

  4. (Optional) If you'd like the client to receive copies of submitted digital dockets (tickets), add them to the Client docket (ticket) contacts field
    • If you'd prefer to review all digital dockets (tickets) before the client receives them, leave this field blank
    • If the desired contact does not appear, you will need to add them as a contact first
  5. Save Client

Add Docket to Client



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