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Once you've approved your workers Timesheets, you can export this data and import directly into QuickBooks Online with Tanda’s timesheet export.


Interested in trying it out?

Signup for a free 14 day trial, no credit card required at https://my.tanda.co/try


Looking to connect a different country?

Try this link for US customers


To begin, let's connect Tanda to your QuickBooks Online account

In Tanda, go to Settings > Add-Ons > Payroll & Accounting

If you have not connected an account before, you should see a blank page here. 


Next, add your QuickBooks Online payroll file to Tanda

Click the green Add Payroll Integration button in the top right corner.

From here, select QuickBooks Online (Australia) in the list.


Login into your account

You'll need to login to your account on a separate tab.


Once authorised, you need to enable KeyPay payroll inside QuickBooks Online with your API key.

You can find your API key at QuickBooks Online > Employees > Payroll Settings > My Account.

Once you've got your API key, click on the payroll integration in Tanda, enter your API key and check your integration settings.

If you pay out of one company file, ensure Applies To is set to Everyone or configure as required.


Need help connecting your payroll system or working with a payroll system that we don't currently integrate with?

Let the team know at support@tanda.co or via 1300 859 117.

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