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The first step is to ensure that the task you've allocated has been tick with Supervisor.

When you have been assigned as a Supervisor in the order, you can submit crew timesheets through FieldWorker and sign off for the entire crew.

Once in the app and the order has been accepted, the supervisor can choose to submit their own timesheet or a the crew's timesheets as in the screenshot below.

  1. Go to Allocations Select Allocation

  2. Click the + Crew Timesheet button 

3. A list of the workers allocated to the same job will show up. You can select one by ticking the box next to their name or click the ALL button to submit timesheets for the whole crew.
4. Click Add Timesheet
NB: The green line next to their name refers to if they have confirmed their shift. If they have not it will be orange.  

5. Enter the time the workers worked, note that it will automatically have the start and end time that you are allocated, if your start or end time varies then you will need to adjust the start and end time. Once you have filled out your activities and added an allowance or docket, click Add.

6. After you click Add a pop up will appear saying Timesheet successfully added. Click

7. If you have not submitted timesheets for all workers, then select the next ones and follow steps 3 - 6. On the page there is a timer next to a workers name, this means you have submitted a timesheet against them. If you have added a timesheet for every worker, click Submit

If this prompt appears, click Ok it will confirm any workers who did not confirm their allocation

8. You will get a message saying Timesheet successfully added. Click Ok. 

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