Recruitment Workflow done with Assignar Recruitment Workflow done with Assignar

Recruitment Workflow done with Assignar

Adam Klug Adam Klug

Assignar typically is used post recruitment in which the work force already exists and it's a matter of worker management on activities based onsite. But have you ever thought of utilizing Assignar pre site during the recruitment process?

As a very basic workflow, many company recruitment workflows can look like this:

Many of these documents such as interview notes and reference checks are scanned and stored in a shared drive or documented on a excel spread sheet.  Below will show you based on the above work flow, how this can be created in the Assignar dashboard post ad placement and candidate selection

Post Job Ad Selection Set Up

  1. Create applicable user tags.
    Eg. Applicant, Phone Interview Completed, References Completed, Ready to Roster.
    These tags will help you segment and identify what stage of the process an applicant is up to.

  2. Set up specific employment forms.
    Eg. New Employment Forms, BTS forms, Clothing Order.
    By using the above tags, you can indicate which forms are applicable for that person by stage. When adding these user tags into the user permissions of the form, it will only be visible to those with the tag. Make sure to also add in a notification email address(es)

  3.  Place an email address in the HR email address field and decided if journal entries will be editable after entry or locked - these can be found in your dashboard settings.

Once the set up has been completed

  1.  Once a short list has been complied from the job ad, add workers to the dashboard under fieldworkers and tag workers as "New Applicant". If there are a number of workers, make sure to use the user import function to speed up the process.

  2. Once the interview has been completed, load interview notes into the Journal section. This section is non viewable to worker. Then add the tag "Interview Completed". Make sure to check your settings to see if Journals have been made editable or not.

  3. Once References have been completed, load notes into Journal section and tag workers as "Reference Completed"
    If these docs during the recruitment process are private and sensitive, make sure to password protect them before uploading.

  4. Depending on your industry, you might have a few more steps or activities to complete before making a hiring decision. Eg. A final interview. All of these notes and activities can be stored in the Journal sections as well. Think of this as your new shared drive or drop box!  

  5. If applicant successful, access is given to log into the app for the worker to complete Personal details section, forms that have been given access to, online induction and upload competencies for approval. 

Other tips and tricks to making the most out of Assignar in this process:

- Create an Interview and/or reference check form(s). This will allow you to continue the "going paperless" trend already started by using Assignar! Rather than utilizing the journals section to upload word docs, these can be filled out online in the dashboard and stored automatically against the worker 

- Make sure to use the quick toggle edit when changing and applying the different stage tags to the applicant. 

- Why not also get the workers to complete a company new employee induction via Assignar as well

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