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Permanently deleted user
Permanently deleted user
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You've created an Order and you've allocated your Assets and Workers to the job. You've clicked notify and sent them an SMS. But when the worker goes into the app, it's not there and you wonder why? šŸ¤”

That is because of your Order Status, if you have your order is in a pending or new status, then it will not show up in the Fieldworker App. It must be in a confirmed status. The best way to check what order status your order currently is in, is on the top left next to the Order IDĀ 

To change the status, you need to do the following:Ā 

  1. Go to Order Details TabĀ 

  2. Go to Order StatusĀ 

  3. Change the status from pending to confirmed

  4. Click Save OrderĀ 

You can also update the status in the Order list view:Ā 

  1. Go to Orders OrdersĀ 

  2. Click on the Order ID number, it will allow you to edit details on the list view pageĀ 

  3. Click on the order status and change it to confirmedĀ 

  4. Scroll to the right and tick the green box to save you order statusĀ 


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