Advanced: Check For Overlapping Allocations

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When you are allocating an order and sending Assets and Workers to a site, sometimes they might already be allocated. That is why in the Allocations Tab next to the Worker or Asset there is an orange triangle. This works as a notification that the worker has either a potential overlap or specific overlap. 

  1. When you click on the orange triangle it will pop up with all the potential overlaps in allocations that either the Worker or Asset has. 

  2. When you click on the Overlap Allocations it will show you all the overlapping allocations that the worker will have if you allocate them to this order. 

  3. View the allocations that have a potential overlap by status. 

  4. To view any existing allocation click on the Order ID number and it will open that order in another tab 

  5. Click close if you are finished viewing overlapping allocations 



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