Tracking Leave & Availability in Assignar (2/2)

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You've followed the steps in our previous article and are ready to go live with tracking leave. This article explains how it comes together.

Step 1 - Worker submits leave form

The worker submits a "Leave Request Form" through the mobile app with the following information:

  • Type of leave

  • Leave dates

  • Any required photos of documentation (e.g., doctor's note)

Step 2 - Manager notified of form results

Once the form has been submitted, an email notification will be sent to the email(s) assigned in the notification addresses in the form. This prompts the manager to review the form result in Assignar.

Step 3 - Manager reviews leave request

Once the form results have been received, a manager will either approve or decline the request.

  1. Go to Forms > Form Results 

  2. Use the search filters to find the form result and click Edit

  3. Review the leave request and change the status to either Approved or Declined

  4. Click Save

Step 4 - Notify worker of leave request decision

Once you've approved or declined the leave, notify the worker. The best way to do this is to send an SMS. 

  1. Go to SMS > Compose

  2. Type in the worker's name 

  3. Select an SMS Template or type a new message 

  4. Click Send

Note: Workers will be able to view changes to the form result status via the mobile app under their form results.

Step 5 - Enter approved leave dates

If a worker's leave is approved and the worker has been notified, add the leave dates to your worker's profile so they show up as unavailable during those dates. 

  1. Go to Users > Fieldworkers > Select User > Availability 

  2. Click on Add leave dates

  3. Select date range and type of leave 

  4. Click Add

These dates will be reflected in the Scheduler and within an order.


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