Legacy: Building A Custom Pay Items Report

Annisa Rizal
Annisa Rizal
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If you've been adding Pay Rates to your workers timesheets and wanting to build a custom report that allows you to easily add your payroll data into your accounting system, you can do this through our data visualiser:

  1. Go to Reports Data Visualiser 

  2. Select Timesheets Pay Items Report 

 3. Select your date range, we recommend that you select custom and click Load data

4. In the results section, you need to select what type of report you want to build. In this example, we are using a Table. Then you must select how you want the data to appear, we suggest you use sum of units as it totals the hours applied against the pay rates.

5. In the results section, it will load up with all the options for you to build your report on the Y and X axis. You simply drop and drag the options that apply to you. 

6. You need to drop and drag what items you want to appear on the Y and X axis. In this example, we have dragged the Worker in the Y axis and the Pay Code Label and Pay Code. You can select options that apply to your custom report. 

7. To export the data out of Assignar, you need to change the table layout to a CSV Export, when you select it from the drop-down menu, it will download a CSV file. 


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