Advanced: Projects Timeline Advanced: Projects Timeline

Advanced: Projects Timeline

Adam Klug Adam Klug

The Projects Timeline gives a flexible Gantt chart view of orders by project and the task allocated to the project. You can add more tasks (workers & assets) to the project as you see fit. There is also an option to export the projects timeline data to Excel.

  1. Click Orders Projects Timeline you need to set up a view template by selecting the following options:
    - Scale - Hour, Day, Week, Month (it will default to day)
    - Date period - You search by set periods or a custom date range
    - Client
    - Project
    - Task
    - Order Tag
    - Order Owner

 2. Once you've selected your search criteria, click Load Timeline

 3. You will get a view like below 

4. In the view, you are able to add and delete tasks inside the project. To Add a Task, click the + button. A pop-up will appear with your task options, date and time. Click Save when you've added the task. 

If you are wanting to delete a task click the – button, a pop-up will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete the task, click OK. 


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