Asset Management System Part 2

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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You've completed step 1 of setting up an Asset Maintenance Management System in Assignar, now it's time for step 2, how to use what you have set up in step 1, every day inside Assignar. 

Pictured above is a QAP Workflow that is ISO 55000 accredited, this demonstrates how you can use Assignar as an Asset Maintenance Management System. 

Part one of the below workflow has been completed in this article 

Step 1) Schedule Assets to Routine Maintenance 

You get a notification in the dashboard to say that your routine maintenance is due under Asset Documents that you set up in step 1. Now it's time to schedule your asset out for maintenance.

  1. Go to Orders > Add New Order 

  2. Select your company as the client (if your company is not set up as client click + New Client Button) 

  3. Select the project Scheduled Maintenance (if it is not set up click + New Project Button) 

  4. Select the Start and End Date 

  5. Add a Job Description - we suggest "Scheduled Maintenance" 

  6. Select a supplier if applicable 

  7. Click Save 

  8. Add Task  "Scheduled Maintenance Asset Type" (If the task doesn't exist, you need to create it, make sure you tick all assets) 

  9. Click Save 

  10. Go to Allocations and select the asset for scheduled maintenance

  11. Click Allocate 

  12. Click Save 

Step 2) Asset is serviced 

While the asset is being serviced, have your mechanic complete the following forms that you set up in step 1. 

Step 3) Form Results are filed against the Asset 

When you submit the above forms against an asset they will live against the asset under Form Results

If a daily pre-start or fault report is filled out then the Asset Manager needs to review them on a daily basis and schedule out any faults found in the pre-start or fault report forms. 

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