Basics: What Are Documents? Basics: What Are Documents?

Basics: What Are Documents?

Adam Klug Adam Klug

A document is any documentation that you need to track against a client, project, asset or supplier and must have and keep current. Based on the document type you select, a document may or may not require an expiry date and/or number-based expiry (e.g. number of kilometers / hours). 

A document may also be a generic attachment available as reference material, e.g. instruction manuals. Documents are then attached to a particular asset/s or supplier/s with specific expiry details, which will trigger expiry alerts accordingly.

The different types of documentation you might want to keep track of in Assignar is: 

  • Asset Registration 

  • Asset Insurance 

  • Company Policies and Procedures 

  • Company Insurances 

  • Company Licences 

  • SWMS

  • Supplier Insurance 

  • Supplier Licence 

We recommend checking out our webinar on Document Management in Assingar

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