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Adam Klug
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Tasks are a key function in Assignar. We like to look at Tasks as an anchor ⚓. It's how you link different assets, skills, and competencies together so you have the most competent assets & workers to complete the job. 

Types of tasks can be a labourer, operator, traffic controller, 3T excavator etc. If you are unsure what your task should be, chat to our team on the support chat. 

Asset & Worker Tasks

If the Task is an Asset and Worker related task then you will need to link all the applicable skills that a worker is required to have to operate an asset, to the individual asset. You need to do the following, we will use a 10T Excavator in this example: 

  1. Decide what skills are required to operate a 10T Excavator. The skill could include the following competencies: White Card, VOC, drivers licence and it is titled excavator operator skill

  2. Go to Assets & Tasks > Assets > Select specific excavator assets 

  3. Click Edit on the context menu 

  4. Go to Skills section in Asset Details and click on which skills you want to link to the asset 

  5. Click Save

  6. Repeat Steps 2 - 4 until you have all your assets linked to the appropriate skills. 

  7. Once you've completed linking all your skills to your assets, you need to link the assets to the tasks

  8. Create task by clicking Tasks > Add new Task and give the task a name i.e. 10T Excavator. The settings window will then appear automatically. This is where you can assign an Account code and/or External ID for invoicing purposes, and add Assets to the task

  9. To link the asset to the task, tick the circle named Assets required? and add your assets by selecting from the drop down in the Add more field. To select asset, highlight the asset and click Add asset(s)

  10. Click Save assets when the required asset(s) are selected

Worker only Tasks

  1. Decide what skills are required to complete the task for example Demolition Labourer could include the following competencies in the skill 

  2. Go to Tasks > Tasks > select already created task or follow same steps as above

  3. If selecting previously created task, Click Edit on the context menu or click on the Task name

  4. Tick the Skills required? circle and follow the same steps as for linking assets, to link skills to the task

  5. Click Save skills

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