Basics: Assigning Resources to a Supplier

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These days, it's common for companies to employ subcontractor workers or assets to complete certain sections of their jobs or projects. Therefore, you'll more than likely want to track them in the dashboard so you know what projects you're hired them out for and in turn, can apply the charge rates you'll pay for cross hire. 

Below outlines the steps needed to associate workers or assets to a supplier. 

  1. Ensure the supplier has been created in the dashboard. If not, here's how to create one 

  2. Make a list of the workers or the assets you commonly cross hire from that supplier. Once you have this list, you will need to enter each of these in. You can either enter assets or workers individually or if you have a long list, you can choose to import this data in. 

  3. Once this data is in the dashboard, select an asset or worker you wish to associate to a supplier. There will be a field available in the asset or worker details page. This is where you will enter the applicable supplier.

4. Once you have selected your supplier, click save. 

Now that the worker or asset has been associated to a supplier, you will now be able to see this in the assets and worker over view page as well as in the orders module when creating an order for a supplier

These suppliers can also be removed from a worker or asset profile by clicking on the red x next to the applicable fields. 


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