Asset Management System Part 1

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Adam Klug
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Asset Maintenance Management is time-consuming and expensive. To keep track of maintenance schedules, defects and if assets are fit for use, you require a process and a system.

By using Assignar to track maintenance of Assets and creating a Quality Approved Process (QAP) that meets ISO Compliance standards, you can assure that all assets are up to date with maintenance and fit for use. 

Below we step you through how to set up Asset Maintenance in Assignar.  

There multiple steps to creating an Asset Maintenance System in Assignar that will include using the following modules: 

  • Documents

  • Assets 

  • Forms

Setting up Asset Maintenance System 

Below is the workflow for setting up Asset Maintenance in Assignar

Step 1. Go to Documents Module

  1. Click Add New Document 

  2. Add Document Name - "Schedule Asset Maintenance" (or name it to your preference) 

  3. Select the Document Type as "Date and Number Expiry"

  4. Click Save 

Step 2. Go to Assets Module 

  1. Go to Assets > Asset Tags 

  2. Click Add New Asset Tag 

  3. Add Tag called "Out for Scheduled Maintenance

  4. Select a colour, we suggest red

  5. Click Save 

  6. Add Tag called "Out for Defect/Fault"

  7. Select a colour, we suggest red

  8. Click Save

Set up schedule maintenance against Assets

  1. Go to Assets > Select an Asset 

  2. Select Asset Documents 

  3. Select Add New Asset Document 

  4. Add the Scheduled Asset Maintenance Document 

  5. Select an expiry date (next date a service is needed) 

  6. Select a number expiry (this is when an Asset reaches a number of hours or KM 

  7. Click Save 

  8. Repeat this process will all Assets

Step 3. Go To Forms 

Set Up Form Status 

  1. Go to Forms > Form Settings 

  2. Click Add New Status 

  3. Add the Status name "Defect Found" 

  4. Add a background colour 

  5. Click Save 

  6. Add the Status name "Defect Closed Out" 

  7. Add a background colour 

  8. Click Save 

  9. Click Add New Status 

  10. Add the Status name "Completed"

  11. Add a background colour

  12. Click Save 

Daily Pre-Start Form

When setting up your form, make sure you do the following: 

  1.  You should already have a Daily Pre-Start Form set up in Assignar, if not chat to our team about how to build one of these. In your form, you want to set up status against the different responses, so if a question is "Do the break lights work" and the worker responds "No" that you set a status to "Needs Action".
    What this will do it is set the whole form status into "Needs Action" so you know that something is wrong on the pre-start that you need to review. 

Fault/Defect Report Form

  1. Create a Fault/Defect Report that your workers fill out. Make sure it includes the asset that has the defect, photos, and details about it. This will allow your Asset Manager to assess how quickly this needs to be actioned.

  2. When building the form, choose the Defect Found status in "Status on submit" that way your Asset Manager can easily find all defect reports. 

  3. Click Save 

You have now set up the basics of your Asset Maintenance in Assignar. In our next artilce we will cover how use the this maintenance system day to day. 

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