Link A Timesheet To An Order

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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Match or create an order for a standalone timesheet

If a timesheet is created without an order number, you can match the timesheet to an existing order allocation (if it exists) or create a new order based on the timesheet details.

  1. Click Timesheets & Dockets > Timesheets > 3 dots> Create an order from this timesheet. 

  2. You will see a popup window showing the options available for that timesheet:

  • If there is an existing order allocation that matches the timesheet details, you can select an order that matches the timesheet data.

  • You will always have the option to click to create a new order based on the timesheet data.

   3. Click to select an option and click Proceed.

   4. You will see a message saying “Timesheet [timesheet number] has been added to         [order number]. This means the timesheet has been added either to the existing          order or to a new order created by the system, based on your selection. 

If you link the timesheet to the wrong order, you can unlink the timesheet and rematch it to the correct order 

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