Legacy: Editing Timesheets After Submission

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When you fill out your timesheets and submit them, sometimes you might have made an error or didn't select an allowance, not to worry, you can still edit them in the app, here is how. 

When you submit a timesheet for work you have completed and for whatever reason think that you need to make changes do not sign the timesheet. Once a timesheet is signed, it cannot be edited. 

  1. Submit a Timesheet as usual but don't sign it 

  2. When you need to make a change to your timesheet go into Timesheets on the Fieldworker app. 

  3. A list of the timesheets you've submitted will appear under the "Add Timesheet" button 

  4. There will be an Edit button, click on edit and you can go into the timesheet and make changes to the timesheet. When you are finishing changing it. Click Update Timesheet at the bottom.  

  5. In the timesheet list view, click on the box on the right of the timesheet for the timesheets you want to sign. 

  6. Click the Sign button at the bottom to sign all the timesheets at once and click okay. 




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