Add a Project

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Add a Project

  1. Go to Project Data Projects 
  2. Click Add Project
  3. Select Client and enter a Project name
  4. Optionally, complete all the other fields (descriptions below)
  5. Save


Fields Field Description
Customer name (required) Otherwise known as the Client name
Project name (required)

Name of the project that will appear throughout the system


Start and end date of the project

Parent Project 

Useful if you have subprojects

Project address

Address of the project


Supervisors of the project

Project external ID

This is usually used for importing data from external systems

Orientations (Inductions)

Select any orientations (inductions) that are required by workers for all orders for this project

Qualifications (Competencies)

Select any qualifications/competencies that may be required for workers on all orders for this project

Task (Role) Groups

Use this option to restrict the tasks (roles) and assets (equipment) available for this project’s orders and timesheets

Docket (Ticket) Contacts

Select the contacts that should receive tickets/dockets for the project

Activities (Cost Codes)

Select the Project's Activities if you only want to expose specific Activities to your workers in the Assignar Mobile App


Select your project's contacts

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