Basics: Step 4 - Getting Relational Basics: Step 4 - Getting Relational

Basics: Step 4 - Getting Relational

Adam Klug Adam Klug

You've logged into Assignar and you've completed the following:

  1. Imported your data ✅

  2. Customized your dashboard's terminology ✅

  3. Completed training and looked through the help centre ✅

  4. Now it' s time to get relational! 

To get the most out of Assignar, you need to set up a few key relationships between your modules so you ensure the correct resources show up for allocations. Let's explore the different relationships you should set up

Linking Projects to Clients

Projects are the works you are completing for a client. It is best that you set up all your projects and link them to your clients. Here is how you set up and link projects to clients. 

  1. Go to Clients & Projects Projects 

  2. Click Add New Project 

  3. Select the Client that the Project relates to 

  4. Add Project Name, Location and External ID 

  5. Add any competency or induction restrictions, this is so that workers who don't have the right qualifications show up to work i.e. project specific induction that workers much complete to start work on the project. 

  6. Apply Project Tags 

  7. Link or Add contacts to the project i.e. project manager

  8. Click Save 


Linking Competencies & Inductions to Fieldworkers 

For your workers to show up for your tasks and projects, you need to set up what workers have what competencies and inductions. This is a key step in your compliance management and worker allocations. Read more below about linking competencies to fieldworkers 

Linking Assets to Tasks

You want to allocate your assets to a job and the way you do this in the Orders module is by selecting a Task. Think of a Task as an anchor and you need to link the asset to the task for it show up for jobs. Read more about it here

Linking Forms to Tasks

To have forms default each time when adding tasks to an order, you can link these directly to a task. This way, all applicable forms will be applied automatically and only one off forms will need to be added manually. Read more about it here.

Linking Documents to Assets, Clients, Projects & Suppliers 

Similar to linking competencies & inductions to fieldworkers, you can link documents to any of the above modules to allow for expiry dates to be tracked and also access and track and module specific documents. Read more about it here

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