The Assignar Public API

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Assignar's Public API provides a powerful and flexible way to integrate your applications with Assignar. With the API, you can programmatically access Assignar data and functionality, allowing you to automate common tasks, and easily send data to, and retrieve data from Assignar. 

Using the API

Our API documentation is available here.

The API documentation provides a detailed overview of the API endpoints, their functionality, and the expected responses. You will need to authenticate using the username, password, and company of a Dashboard user. Using an API requires a degree of technical knowledge. If you're not familiar with APIs, you may need to work with a partner or 3rd party service to help you integrate with Assignar's API. They can provide guidance on how to properly use the API and ensure a seamless integration with your existing systems.

Updates to the Assignar Public API

We are committed to improving the Assignar Public API and will continue to add new endpoints and features based on customer and partner feedback. If you have any feedback or suggestions for new API features, please submit a ticket to our support team!

Q1 2023

  • [Released] Create/Update User Tags
  • [Released] Bug Fix - Updating Work Orders cleared existing order tags
  • [Released] Bug Fix - Updating user cleared existing user tags
  • [Released] Pull in default forms when tasks are added via the API

Q2 2023

  • [Released] Upload Documents for user competencies
  • [Released] Create/Update User Roles
  • [In Testing] New "Processed" Status for timesheets
  • [In Progress] Asset Timesheet Hours
  • Update user availability via API
  • Create/Update Client Tags


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