Basics: How To SMS A User

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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Besides using the SMS module to communicate with users, you can also send them an SMS directly from their profile, here is how: 

When viewing or editing a fieldworker’s profile you can send them an SMS or view the history of SMS conversations with that fieldworker.

  1. Click Users Fieldworkers Edit to view and/or update details for an existing fieldworker.

  2. Click the context menu on the top right (see image below) to send an SMS to this fieldworker.

  1. Click the Send SMS button. You will see a pop-up box to enter the SMS details.

  2. The Fieldworker will already be added as a contact in the ‘To’ field.

  3. If you’re sending a common message that has a predefined template, click to select it from the ‘Choose Template’ drop-down list. You can make changes to the template text in the main message if you like.

  4. Click the View Conversation button to view the conversation between the worker and the office. 

OR Type a message from scratch in the Message box. [fname] and [lname] variables will personalise your messages by substituting the fieldworker’s first name or last name when the message is sent.  The message can be up to 320 characters long.

  1. Click Send to deliver the SMS to the fieldworker’s phone. Just like sending an SMS from your phone, once an SMS is sent it cannot be changed.

  2. Click the View Conversation button to view all inbox and outbox messages from and to this fieldworker..

  1. You can click back to the fieldworker's list using the navigation buttons across the top of the screen or just go to a different screen by clicking an option in the side menu.

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