Basics: View Form Results

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View form result details

  1. Click Forms Form Results Edit to view the details of the form results.

  2. Result Information is populated by the system based on the form design.

  3. Result Details displays the fieldworker’s responses:

  • Geo location is a map with a red pin showing where the fieldworker was when they submitted the form (only displayed if the form design includes geo-location and the user has their location settings turned on).

  • The remainder of the form questions and responses are displayed according to the form design and the fieldworker’s manually entered responses, including any images they may have attached.

  • Click the dark blue Status [Assignee] button to update form result status or reassign form results to another Dashboard user.

  • Click the Update Asset Reading button (see image below) next to a number field response if you want to use this number to update the Number Reading (e.g. odometer), for the asset relating to this form result. 

You will see a message asking “Are you sure you want to update the asset number reading?” Click OK (or cancel if you’re not sure).


NB. If the number in the form response is lower than the current Number Reading for that asset, you will see a message warning you that: “[Asset name] reading is currently set to [number reading], which is greater than the submitted value.” You can still update the asset reading if you want to – the message is just there to let you know.

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