Advanced: Form Result Charts

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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Form charts give you a quick comparison snapshot of how many form results you are receiving into Assignar in a bar graph for a specific period of time. 

This is where you can generate a bar chart showing total forms submitted within a selected time period.

How to view form charts

  • Click Forms Charts. The default chart displayed includes all form types for the last month

  • Select the date range you would like to search. The default start date a month ago from today's date and the end date is today’s date.

  • If this is not what you want to see, click to select a different start and/or end date using the drop-down calendar.

  • The chart will include all forms types by default.

  • If this is not what you want to see, add one or more form types to see a chart showing only the selected form/s.

  • When you are ready to display the chart based on your settings, click the Show button. If there is no data that matches your selection, you will see a blank chart showing no items.

  • Hover your mouse over a bar segment to see the exact number and percentage it represents.


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