GPS: May 2021 Releases GPS: May 2021 Releases

GPS: May 2021 Releases

Aaron Ross Aaron Ross

ArcGIS map layers are now available in general release - a great way for Esri users to see all of their data directly on the map. We've also updated the POI interface and made lots of backend improvements.


ArcGIS map layers

  • Run all your ArcGIS maps as layers on top of Native Map 2.0.

  • ArcGIS Webmaps updated to ArcGIS v4.

  • NOTE: ArcGISMap will not work with IE11.

POI (Points of Interest)

  • Points of Interest redesigned with performance improvements (geocoding, event rules, import & export), native import and export, and a new UI.

Tracks (beta)

  • Tracks 2.0 beta now supports events in the timeline and on the map among other updates.

Vehicle Status (beta)

  • Add icon sets and event badge to vehicle status.

  • Other minor enhancements.

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